The Old And The New

MountainJesus was a master story-teller but his stories (or parables) are not always easy to work out.

He once asked his disciples if they could understand seven parables he had just told, only two of which he had explained in detail. They assured him that they understood them but, from that day to this, people have come to quite different conclusions about what they really mean. So Jesus told another one to his disciples about a man who had treasured up both old and new things. You might be like that, with things you value that you’ve had a long time and some that are still quite new. But Jesus wasn’t talking about possessions: he never had a high regard for things. He was talking about the importance of understanding what has been revealed by God from way back ­– teachings that you can now class as “Old” – and “New” things that he was now explaining. But can you be sure that the Bible we now possess is the same as the one that Jesus read? Read this month’s issue and find out…In this article, the Editor takes the beautiful image of a minute snowdrop emerging through the hard frozen ground in all its delicacy and fragility. It is a reminder that even though winter may seem eternal at times, its severity will not last for ever. The snowdrop is an exquisite reminder of the hope that spring brings.

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